Why you will never truly be French!

Published - 30/07/2021

I moved to France 18 years ago and have French friends, work with French clients, had a B&B with 75% French guests and I have integrated into the wonderful way of life and embraced it.

However it is only recently now I have a French partner that I realise that I will never truly be French!!! Imagine the shock!! Even though there is only a thin strip of water between the UK and France, there is a world of difference between how we think, live and work……………..and that is what makes it such a fantastic place to live as it opens minds and horizons.

AP2761 AUDE Limoux house for sale

AP2761 - 17th century 2 bedroom elegant and chic village house in the heart of a village close to Limoux

  1. Shutters – I still don’t close mine!!
  2. French people rarely eat in public spaces or in the car
  3. In France we eat cheese before dessert not after
  4. I often get up and stay in my pyjamas until lunch time!!
  5. I have never bought meat with fur, feet and a head on!
  6. I am a grazer, I eat any time of day when I am hungry, rarely happens in France
  7. French will put their bread on the table, not a side plate
  8. As happened recently, the Brits care who their politicians sleep with and cheat on
  9. Took me years to remember to say hello and goodbye when I enter a shop
  10. In France it is impolite to serve drinks at a party before the last person arrives
  11. Blood tests, they are a way of life in France
  12. Whilst I love a coffee shot I also love a long latte as well for breakfast
  13. French rarely walk around with a drink in their hand
  14. French television!! British television!!
  15. Smoking is more socially acceptable in France
  16. It is obligatory to wear speedos in French swimming pools (my sons hate it)
  17. The rules around apero (time, what, where and how)
  18. Brits love spicy food
  19. French never speak about work in social situations
  20. French drive on the right, Brits on the left

AP2844 AUDE Limoux house for sale swimming pool gite

AP2844 - Domain with house of natural stone and 3 holiday apartments (Gite)

I can remember coming to France years ago and getting excited about the jam with the red and white chequered lid, Orangina and the different salads you could buy in the supermarkets. Those days are gone, Orangina is available everywhere!!

Let’s embrace and protect those differences that make life in France special and unique.

Vive La France!!