Focus on Department 31 - Haute Garonne

Published - 30/07/2021

Properties in Haute-Garonne

The department of the Haute Garonne (31) is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution on 4 March 1790. It has a population of over 1 million and is situated in the newly created Occitanie Region, but most people will still think of the Midi Pyrenees when they talk about places to visit and stay.

It takes its name from the Garonne River which enters the department from Spain in the small village of Fos and continues through for approximately 200 kilometres.

It measures approximately 145 km from the north down to the south and it is one of the longest French Departments. It also covers approximately 6000 km2.

Toulouse is the main city and is also the capital of the Occitanie region.

One of the wonderful benefits of this department is that it borders Spain (Catalonia and Aragon) allowing those who visit and live here the opportunity to spend time in both countries and enjoy the different cuisine and culture.

AM1007 Haute-Garonne ski for sale apartment

AM1007 - 2 bed apartment on 2nd floor with ski cave and private parking

Within the department you have:

  • the Pyrenees mountain range in the south with ski and snowboard pistes including Le Mourtis, Bourg d’Oueil and Superbagneres in Bagneres de Luchon “the Queen of the Pyrenees”
  • further north the plains around Montrejeau, St Gaudens and St Martory with the river flowing through these towns
  • the hillsides that rolls through wonderful countryside in the comminges
  • the flat area of Toulouse which has the hills of Lomagne to the East and Lauragais to the West
AP1956 Haute-Garonne Toulouse 19th century chateau for sale

AP1956 - Sumptuous 19th century castle near Toulouse ready to move into

As well as mountains, hills and plains you will find stunning lakes, forests and wildlife in this stunning area including bears, deer, wild boar, marmots, eagles, vultures to name a few. It is a nature lovers paradise.

Toulouse is a University City and therefore the population in the department is spread between young and with a split of around 50%. North of the department is amongst the most populated areas of France whilst the South is more sparce and among the lowest populated areas, giving those who buy here a choice. Around 12% more people live in the North.

The climate varies slightly through the department and has Atlantic and Mediterranean influences being situated in the middle of the two coastlines.

The plains have moderate winters and, whilst there is snow in the south it can be surprisingly warm in the day with sunny blue skies. Summers are hot and autumn is beautiful with the changing colours and lovely sunny days (it is possible to eat outside often in November and December!!. Spring is warm and wet and warm and when the department blossoms. The region has incredible thunderstorms that clear the air and are wonderful to observe.

Over the last 18 years this beautiful hidden gem has become more popular with buyers all over the world. St Beat, a small historic village in the mountains in the South has attracted buyers form Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Britain, The Netherlands and of course France. It is truly international.

AM1890 Haute-Garonne apartment for sale

AM1890 - Beautiful one-bedroom apartment with garden - rare find - centre of Bagneres de Luchon

If you are looking to purchase a property in France with all year-round activities, fabulous countryside, mountains, lakes and places to visit and where you truly experience the beauty of each season the Haute Garonne may be an ideal choice to commence your search.

For more information visit Tourism in the Haute Garonne.